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All hail the overdriven amp, the feedback-saturated guitar pickup, the hum of harmonic sustain, the clamorous collision of power chords in the heart of the sonic maelstrom....Let us now praise Band Of Susans.

Robert Palmer

Rolling Stone Magazine

Robert Poss [and Band Of Susans] strum power chords and tremoloes that resonate until they fill a room with overtones, octave upon octave, chiming and buzzing and shimmering with forceful grandeur.

Jon Pareles

The New York Times

Band Of Susans, a co-ed New York City quintet, have put more electric guitar on one record than any other I've ever heard. Pop this beast into your car's system and blow your hardtop straight into the 1990s.


The Band Of Susans has inspired accolades. The truth is the band plays a complex, multi-textured melange of spirited pop songs with a high-decibel, three-guitar attack that is at times wildly inventive, grungy, dissonant, and utterly melodic.


A crucible of high art and trash rock culture. 

The Wire

It's about an enduring love of guitars that borders on potential deafness, about having the last passionate embrace of Rock 'n' Roll's blistered sorry being. It's about leaving the cliches to rest.


Their songs are like excerpts from dirty realist fiction -- they look at the everyday hopelessness of lives that have gone wrong, that have suffered from the remorseless optimism the American Dream extracts, until they can't face reality anymore.


Band Of Susans never loses sight of the passion that underscores the rigorous intellect of their music.

Chicago Tribune

Chiming, buzzy, trilling, dirty, clean, droning, swirly, gooey.... It's in there. Disparate guitars inhabit the songs like tenants in an East Village walk-up: they're quarrelsome, drunk on Rolling Rock -- each wants to be heard for itself, yet taken together the sum is greater than the parts.


THIS is the kind of record that puts everything else into perspective. Compared to all the turgid, overstrained rock that's been clawing its way from America these past years, Veil soars like Lindbergh's plane...A sublime, breathtaking fluency. This is rock at its most liberated and free-flowing.

Melody Maker

Band Of Susans are the soundtrack for an epileptic fit, a lapse that feels like being seized by divine powers. Even amid all the nuisance of live performance, it's blindingly good.

Melody Maker

Adamantly arty, these New York subversives have since 1986 never lost faith in hypnotic guitar....Robert Poss and Susan Stenger prevail with dronefests rich in texture and heavy with stream-of-consciousness musings....The radical strategy pays off in music that is brainy, visceral and bracing.

Unsung heroes in pop’s gender wars, The Band Of Susans have surpassed the challenges put down by successive Downtown minimalists: the No New York groups, composers Rhys Chatham and Glenn Branca. The result: the best guitar rock of the ‘80’s.


Anyone who loves mean, unromantic electric guitar will get plenty of satisfaction from the first album by the Band Of Susans. With not one, but three lead guitars, this New York City-based group creates a sound that relates to other rock music the way the Great Wall Of China relates to a backyard fence.

People Magazine

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