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Reduced/Fun Fade Fast 

with Tot Rocket

1980 Whiplash Records

Security Risk 

with Tot Rocket

1981 Trace Elements Records


with Tot Rocket

1981 Trace Elements records

Going Out With Slow Smoke 

with Nicolas Collins

1982 Lovely Music

Let the State Make the Selection 

with Nicolas Collins

1984 Trace Elements Records

Western Eyes 

with Western Eyes

1984 Trace Elements Records

Die Donnergotter 

with Rhys Chatham)

1987 Dossier / 1989 Homestead Records


with Ben Neill

1988 Dossier/Ear Rational


with When People Were Shorter And Lived Near The Water

1989 Shimmy Disc

100 of the Worlds Most Beautiful Melodies 

with Nicolas Collins

1989 Trace Elements Records

It Was a Dark and Stormy Night

with Nicolas Collins

1992 Trace Elements Records

Deconstruct with Susan Stenger

1994 Blast First/Disobey

El Mundo de Vapor y Valentia (OLD VIENNA)

with Shapir O'Rama 

1995 Mind of a Child Records


with Bruce Gilbert and Susan Stenger

2000 WMO

G2, 44+ / x2 

with Phill Niblock

2001 Moikai

An Angel Moves Too Fast to See: Selected Works 1971-1989 

with Rhys Chatham

2003 Table of The Elements

Television Rules 

with Tot Rocket

2005 Rave Up Records

Touch Strings

with Phill Niblock

2009 Touch

Rhys Chatham (Hamburg) photo by Moni Kellermann. "Stosspeng” (Krems) photo by Florian Wieser.

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