Robert Poss

Musician/Composer/Sound Engineer


Frozen Flowers Curse The Day is the latest release from pioneering avant-guitarist Robert Poss, a founding member of legendary wall-of- guitars group Band Of Susans. The album was performed, recorded and mixed by Poss at Trace Elements Records in New York City with guest drummers including Dahm Majuri Cipolla (Torres, Lydia Lunch, Japan’s Mono) helping out on two tracks. Frozen Flowers Curse The Day is being released by Trace Elements on August 3, 2018


This eclectic collection of recent work continues Robert’s obsession with the electric guitar, drones, textures and sonic architecture.  Like his previous solo release, Settings – Music For Dance, Film, Fashion and Industry, some of the material was created for the modern dance companies with which Poss has worked for nearly a decade. The album ranges from ambient and experimental instrumental works to Band Of Susans-esque rockers with vocals. 

Robert Poss plays guitar on one track of the critically acclaimed 2017 CD Something Like Night by art rockers Heroes of Toolik, and has been performing with the band, which features Arad Evans (Rhys  Chatham, Glenn  Branca)  Billy Ficca (Television) and Ernie Brooks (The Modern Lovers).


Robert Poss has contributed a track, “Partial Clearing, Sally” to Elliott Sharp’s latest  guitar compilation, I Never Metaguitar Four, released in late 2017 on Clean Feed records.

The catalog for frac île-de-france’s 2014 installation, Sound Anthology of Susan Stenger - A Score for le plateau Paris, curated by Philippe Decrauzat in collaboration with Mathieu Copeland, with performances by Susan Stenger, Robert Poss, FM Einheit and Olwen Fouéré will be published in 2018

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